Eye Cancer?

Yes. Eye cancer. Really. You can get eye cancer.

eyesm1-300x187Ocular melanoma (OM) is the most common primary cancer of the eye in adults. Yet, it is still an extremely rare cancer with approximately 2,500 adults diagnosed every year in the United States. Half of those diagnosed will see their disease spread to other parts of the body. Once metastasized, it is nearly always fatal.

Currently there is no cure for ocular melanoma. However, there are promising new treatments on the horizon. These emerging options will be made possible through funding. Unfortunately, funding is critically low because ocular melanoma is considered such a rare cancer. Therefore, awareness, funding and patient services are greatly needed.

This is where you can help. Your participationsponsorship or donation will make it possible to fund groundbreaking ocular melanoma research and guarantee affordable treatment for those affected by OM.

Our event providers

A Cure In Sight  A Cure In Sight™ (ACIS) is a not-for-profit organization founded to raise ocular melanoma awareness and to help those with ocular melanoma find and pay for the treatments that they need. For more info about A Cure In Sight please visit www.acureinsight.org


Your donation to a LOOKIN’ FOR A CURE event is tax deductible as A Cure In Sight is a 501 C 3 tax exempt non profit, EIN 46-1274306.

Thank you for helping us to “see a cure” — “a cure in sight” for ocular melanoma. Your participation, donation or sponsorship will help make our event a success by providing critically needed funds for ocular melanoma research and patient services.

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